Joy Burkhard, Founder and Executive Director, talks about her motivation behind creating 2020 Mom. 

Our Mission

2020 Mom, founded in 2011 as the California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative, has evolved as a national organization with a mission: Closing gaps in maternal mental health care through education, advocacy, and collaboration. 

2020 Mom is Closing Gaps
We understand the health care system and deliver the MMH message and solutions to stakeholders and thought leaders to drive policy change. We engage advocates to drive change in their communities and states.

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Our Work

2020 Mom has issued a national call to action that sets forth an aggressive new path for solving what some have called one of the biggest public health concerns of our time: the silent maternal mental health crisis impacting up to 20% of expecting and new moms. We serve as a catalyst for policy and systems change by building nationwide partnerships with dedicated stakeholders, pursuing advocacy opportunities, providing training and tools, and promoting recommendations for hospitals, insurers and providers. 

Our History

Though 2020 Mom is a young nonprofit organization, we have become well known for our work convening, collaborating and inspiring change in the maternal mental health field. Recognizing doctors alone can't fix the maternal mental health problem, 2020 Mom looks at the common denominators in a woman's life during this time: 99% of women deliver at hospitals and 83% (as of March 2014) have health insurance, and has identified the best practices in our framework for change, called the 2020 Mom Project. Recognizing the shortage of trained providers and training programs, we launched a web-based training program in MMH, with a sister non-profit, Postpartum Support International, in 2013.

Since our inception in 2011, 2020 Mom has:

  • Presented at nearly 20 conferences, supported and passed three pieces of MMH legislation in California,

  • Hosted nine Emerging Considerations in Maternal Mental Health Forums,

  • Created evidence-based framework for hospitals/insurers/doctors,

  • Hosted three annual fundraising events and the national March for Moms awareness fundraiser

  • Launched a web-based MMH Certificate Training Program in partnership with Postpartum Support International,

  • Partnered with critical organizations such as the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), the Joint Commission, and the March of Dimes.

  • Established a California Task Force on Maternal Mental Health (also known as a Blue Ribbon Commission) which released it's findings and state and national strategic plan.

National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health  (2014-2017)

In February 2014, 2020 Mom established and administered the programs of the National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health, which ran through June 2017.  The National Coalition was founded to unite the non-profits focusing on maternal mental health in the United States to promote a national legislative policy platform and collective voice through unified awareness efforts.  The national coalition founding member organizations included Postpartum Progress, MotherWoman and Postpartum Support International (PSI).  Membership expanded to include several regional organizations such as Maternal Mental Health Now, and other national organizations including the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), and the Perinatal Mental Health Society.  

For several reasons including the closure and/or loss of staff at two of the founding member organizations a decision was made by the 2020 Mom board of directors to continue the two core functions of the NCMMH, federal advocacy and lobby days and Maternal Mental Health awareness (including the MMH Awareness week social media campaign and promotion of The Blue Dot) under the 2020 Mom brand.  

2020 Mom continues to hold strong partnerships and joint projects with prior member organizations, including PSI, Maternal Mental Health Now, ACOG and the Perinatal Mental Health Society.  


Annual Reports


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