2020 Mom Remembrance Wall

2020 Mom believes that every mother lost to suicide during the perinatal period should be remembered and honored. Mothers, your loss fuels us and this important work. We honor you and those you left behind. Your loss matters and we are working hard to prevent others from appearing on this wall in the future.

If you are an immediate family member (husband, sibling, mother or father) of a mother who lost her life to suicide during the perinatal period and wish to add her to the memorial wall, please e-mail, info@2020mom.org.  

*In rare circumstances, generally caused by postpartum psychosis rather than postpartum depression, mothers have not only taken their own lives, but their babies' lives too. 2020 Mom and it's member organizations are addressing postpartum psychosis head on as well. All maternal mental health disorders are treatable and with help mothers do get well.

 The PSI warmline can be reached at 1-800-944-4773 (4PPD).  Volunteers offer encouragement, information, and treatment resources in your community.