Hospital Resources

Training Staff

Hospitals that wish to train staff may wish to explore in person training options or on line options.

2020 Mom and PSI offer both a 2-hour complimentary Maternal Mental Health 101 training open to the public, and an 8 class certificate-based training course for clinicians.
2020 Mom-PSI Training

The Step PPD program is an on-line training program that is free of charge, that was developed by a expert panel for primary care and would be generally suited for any clinical professional.
Step PPD

Childbirth Education

Following are childbirth class resources which address maternal mental health for childbirth. 

Maternal Mental Health and a Transition to Parenthood

Transition to Parenthood Curriculum
A training manual for clinicians and childbirth educators, with class outlines exploring the psychological and emotional journey of pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Support Groups

Hospital Based Screening and Support Group Treatment (St. Catherine of Sienna, NY)

A Mother-Infant Therapy Group Model for Postpartum Depression - By Roseanne Clark - Infant Mental Health Journal, 2008

Support Group Guide
From Australia's non-profit specializing in maternal mental health.

Protecting and Promoting Sleep

There are many things hospitals can do to help promote undisturbed or "protected" sleep, including physical changes to rooms and changing equipment settings to reduce noise, updating policies to reduce night/early morning wakings by staff, implementation of protected sleep time during the day, use of sound machines, providing ear plus and eye masks and more. 

The following are resources which provide more information about such changes:
Huffington Post Article, Hospital Sounds Disturb Patient's Sleep
Paper: In-patient sleep disturbance: the views of staff and patients.
Paper: The nurse's role in promoting a good night's sleep for patients.

Hospitals may also want to consider (though not a specific recommendation of the 2020 Mom Project), training staff to train new families how to soothe their babies to promote more sleep in both baby and mom during those critical early nights and beyond. 
The Happiest Baby Sleep Promotion Staff Training Program

Information at Discharge

Hospitals may want to consider providing information to moms and families about maternal mental health disorders at discharge, such as a flyer or palm card. Hospitals may also want to encourage nursing staff to review the material by adding to a checklist for example.
Hospitals may wish to create their own materials or provide a copy of the following palm card which the hospital logo can be added below. See more at MMH Materials

General Information

Tool Kit Developed by the Pennsylvania Perinatal Partnership
Funded in part by the US Department of Health and Human Services

A New Beginning (Printed Book-English or Spanish) Your Personal Guide to Postpartum Care
New mothers will appreciate this personal guide to postpartum care. Ideal for discharge teaching, this guide to self care and baby care is an excellent resource for issues that commonly arise during this exciting, but often anxious, time. Filled with information about resuming everyday life, post-pregnancy body changes and healthy nutrition, new mothers will gain a better understanding of how to care for themselves.

Videos for Patient Viewing 

Healthy Mom Happy Family DVD
Don't have time to discuss maternal mental health with patients? Show Postpartum Support International's 13 minute video over your broadcast system.

Becoming a Father DVD
We urge you to consider showing this video (50 mins), "Becoming a Father" (though disseminating information about fatherhood is not currently a recommendation of the 2020 Mom Project).

Recommended Reading for suffering and high-risk families and clinicians:

Beyond the Blues: A Guide to Understanding And Treating Prenatal And Postpartum Depression
By: Pec Indman & Shoshanna Bennett

The Postpartum Husband: Practical Solutions for Living with Postpartum Depression
By: Karen Kleiman

The Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety Workbook: Practical Skills to Help You Overcome Anxiety, Worry, Panic Attacks, Obsessions, and Compulsions
By: Pamela Wiegartz, PH.D, Kevin Gyoerkoe, PSY.D.

Recommended Reading for OBGYNs, Psychiatrists and more:

Mood and Anxiety Disorders During Pregnancy and Postpartum: Review of Psychiatry
By Lee S. Cohen

NICU Support

Recommendations for Mental Health Professionals in the NICU
Interdisciplinary Recommendations for the Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents
NICU-based Interventions To Reduce Maternal Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms: A Meta-analysis