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The Maternal Mental Health Story Bank Helps Foster Connection
and it's Exactly What New Moms Need

Published on Romper – June 24, 2019. Read article here.


3 Ways California Is Trying To Help New Moms Get Treatment For Depression
Published on LAist – September 27, 2018. Read article here.

Seek & Thrive: With Joy Burkhard, Founder of 2020 Mom & Mom Congress
Published on Thrive Global’s Community Section – September 23, 2018. Read article here.

How a Famous Hospital Turned Around its Low Rate of Screening Moms for Depression
Published on USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism – September 2018. Read article here.

Lawmakers Weigh Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Screening For Postpartum Depression
Heard on NPR’s Morning Edition – March 19, 2018. Read article here.

Nurse Calls Cops After Woman Seeks Help For Postpartum Depression. Right Call?
Heard on NPR’s All Things Considered – February 7, 2018. Read article here.

She Asked for Help for Postpartum Depression. The Nurse Called the Cops.
Our lack of mental–physical health care integration and abysmal postpartum support hurt parents and families.
Published on Slate – January 23, 2018. Read article here.