2020 Mom ColorWalk - Bringing Color Back to Motherhood

Join us for the second annual ColorWalk™ in 2019,
BE BOLD and raise funds and awareness for maternal mental health. 

ColorWalks are about being together, raising awareness in local communities, and having friends and family "donate for distribution." #ColorWalk4Moms2019

Join to walk together, heal together, and make a difference together.

Goal: To raise awareness and funds through crowd-based fundraising and distribution of awareness materials in local communities.

Why Color? ColorWalks are designed to be colorful with a splash of color, color dust to be exact. Team members wear white shirts and team leads order or make their own color dust. Walks kick off at a central location (such as a home or restaurant patio) and teams splash each other with color dust before starting their walks. Walkers will also be provided with racebibs, where national and any local sponsor logos will be added.

Color dust gets attention, starts conversations and illustrates that motherhood should be full of color.


Awareness Materials ColorWalks are about being together, raising awareness in local communities, and having friends and family "donate for distribution" of a specified number of awareness cards, as determined by your team. Packages of 250 or 500 awareness cards will be provided to the team lead by 2020 Mom. Team leads who are walking at malls will also be sent 20 posters to distribute to shop owners who cater to families.

Awareness on Social Media To further promote awareness, team members are encouraged to post pictures of their day, on social media with the hashtags #ColorWalk4Moms2019 tagging @2020Mom on Facebook.

Walking Dates: Team leads will select a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to hold their walk over a weekend in April or May. 

Locations: Team leads can choose any location for their walk where moms and families convene. We recommend:

  • A community festival (like an Earth Day festival)

  • The mall

  • State capitol, distributing materials to legislative offices (on a Friday) for those involved in advocacy

Can Local Non-Profits Benefit? Community based non-profit organizations addressing maternal mental health may submit their EIN/Tax-ID number and form its own ColorWalk team and receive 80% of the funds raised by their team.

What will 2020 Mom do with funds raised? Funds raised will assist 2020 Mom with operational costs and supporting legislative and regulatory advocacy at the state and federal levels.

Who Should Participate? The ColorWalk is for survivors, families, those working with pregnant & postpartum women, and those who want to raise awareness for maternal mental health.

Setting Up a Team: Interested in setting up a walking team/group? Check out the Forming a Team checklist and set up your team page today.

BE BOLD: Join to walk together, heal together and make a difference together.


Become a National ColorWalk Sponsor

EXCLUSIVE National Premier Sponsor, $25,000:

  • Organizational logo on the race bib

  • Logo and name on website and Walk platform page as the National Premier Sponsor

  • Mention in at least two ColorWalk social media posts and e-news blasts

  • Press release including name and logo of National Premier Sponsor

  • Employee engagement opportunity at Boston ColorWalk

E-mail Info@2020mom.org to learn more.

Become a local "Community" ColorWalk Sponsor

Local sponsors receive recognition for their contributions as ColorWalk Sponsors, with their family name or organizational logo on the race bib and website as a community sponsor. Sponsors can earmark their donation to general overhead expenses if they are prohibited from supporting advocacy efforts. E-mail Info@2020mom.org to learn more.

Premier Sponsor: $5,000
Sponsor: $1,000