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Update as of August 18, 2018:

AB 1893, Maternal Mental Health. Federal Funding has been signed into law!  Learn more about the bill below. 

Changing MMH Bills Still need Your Help: 

AB 2193, Maternal Mental Heath: Case Management and Ob/Gyn Screening Brian Maienschein (R) Read bill here.  
Read AB 2193 Frequently Asked Questions document here.

This bill was moved out of senate appropriations with an amendment to remove the requirement that health insurers and health plans develop case/care management programs, and instead develop "programs."  It will be up to the health plan/insurer to decide what type of program they wish to develop, and some may chose to develop case management programs.

Status: This bill will move to the senate floor for a vote then on to the governor to sign.  Calls/e-mails to senators will be encouraged, as well as letters to the governor.

AB 3032, Hospital Maternal Mental Health Jim Frazier (D). Read bill here

Requires hospitals to train staff interacting with perinatal women, and to educate these women about maternal mental health disorders including any local treatment options that may be available. 

Status: This bill was unanimously passed out of the senate appropriations committee and will be voted on by the full senate shortly before heading to the governor.


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We need you! Use our letter writing system by adding your address and with a couple of clicks a letter is emailed to your senator member asking them to co-author these two bills.  Do it now, here.

Want to really make an impact? Call your assembly member and state senator today. Look up your two legislators names and capitol office telephone numbers here.  

Sample Script:
I'm an constituent and I'm calling to urge you to co-author AB 2193 authored by Assembly Member Brian Maienschein and AB 3032 by Jim Frazier.  

AB 2193 calls for Health insurers and plans to develop case management programs for maternal mental health to ensure mothers are getting connected to care and the right care at the right time and for obstetric providers and other Medical Doctors to screen to detect these disorders.   

AB 3032 asks hospitals to address maternal mental health by training their providers who interact with pregnant and postpartum women and to provide patients with education and any available local treatment and support resources.

These bills are rooted in the recommendations from the CA Task Force on Maternal Mental Health which was formed at the urging of the legislature through ACR 148.  Together these bills will provide life-saving and family-stabilizing support to doctors and women and help reduce the $2.25 billion dollar cost to California's society of untreated maternal mental health disorders, like postpartum depression.  Please sign on to co-author the bill today by contacting the authors offices.

TWO Additional Bills: 

These two bills are no longer in need of support as both were supported unanimously and the legislative process is complete. 

AB 1893, Maternal Mental Health, Federal Funding  Brian Maienschein (R) Read bill here.

Requires the California Department of Public Health to investigate and apply for federal funding including from the Bringing Postpartum Depression Out of the Shadows Act for development of MMH programs which could include a public awareness campaign.

This bill has passed unopposed, unanimously through both houses and was signed into law by the governor in July.

ACR 180, Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month Marie Waldron (R) Read bill here.

Declares May 2018 Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month (which was an opportunity to raise awareness among assembly members prior to the floor vote of the three other MMH bills).   

This resolution was approved in May with unanimous support in the assembly and helped serve to educate the assembly before the floor vote(s) on our two critical bills. ACRs don't get heard in the senate.


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