Hospital and Insurer Recommendations

What are the Whole Mom Recommendations?

Recognizing that doctors can't solve the maternal mental health crisis alone, we looked at the other common denominators in a woman's life during this time. We noted that 99% of all births happen in a hospital setting and most women have insurance.  

In 2012, the 2020 Mom "Project" was launched to lift up best practices and easy action steps for both hospitals and insurers to take to make a significant difference for women and families. Our goal was to impact their own bottom line in a positive way by detecting problems early and building up treatment options. 

The recommendations are now referred to as the "Whole Mom" Recommendations and they are documented in the form of a survey tool that: 

(1) hospital and insurer quality departments can voluntarily use to conduct an internal assessment, identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing action plans, or 

(2) communities can use to survey their own birth hospitals and promote the hospital that is doing the most to benefit mothers and families.

Learn more about the recommendations and how a hospital can market as a "Whole Mom" Hospital or Insurer by clicking on the icons below.