Psychosis and the Law

Though psychosis is rare, (less than .5% of women suffer from a psychosis during pregnancy or the postpartum period), because as psychosis progresses, women can experience a break in reality, they can be of harm to themselves or others, including their children.

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Women with psychosis are often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all given most OBGYNs are uniformed and access to psychiatrists, especially reproductive psychiatrists can be difficult because of shortages, access issues such as transportation childcare and location of the psychiatrist, and cost concerns.   Additionally treatment generally involves drug therapy however it may take women months before the right drug treatment/dosage helps symptoms subside.

The following are cases involving perinatal psychosis and harm to children that may help attorneys educate themselves.

Forensic experts who specialize in perinatal mental health should be consulted.

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  • Phoenix AZ – Case No: CR2013418432-001 (psychosis and infanticide)

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin Case No: 08-CF-445(psychosis and infanticide)

  • Oakland County, Michigan Case No: 2006-206367-FC (psychosis and infanticide)