Provider Recommendations

(1) Opportunity: Patients are not aware of maternal mental health disorders, the number of mothers impacted, and where to find help.


(a) Place posters* in exam rooms and bathrooms listing signs/symptoms of maternal depression and/or other mental health disorders listing at a minimum the telephone number for Postpartum Support International.

(b) Provide to newly pregnant women, a brochure or palm card* listing signs/symptoms and at a minimum the telephone number for Postpartum Support International.

(c) So you may offer further resources when asked, educate yourself on the resources that may be available in your community, including mental health professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists that specialize in maternal/perinatal mental health, non-profit or county community-based programs, or hospital-based services and support groups. If no resources exist, provide the phone number for Postpartum Support International when needed.

*These materials are available at:

(2) Opportunity: Most OBGYNs, Pediatricians and other types of primary care physicians don’t receive thorough training in maternal mental health disorders during medical school or residency programs.

Recommendation: Complete the free online StepPDD or MedEd PPD training programs.

When doctors have completed either of these training programs, they can complete the form on the ‘adopt’ drop down at and will receive a copy of the 2020 Mom Project promotion guide including a window film for the office, e-newsletters, social media sites and more.