Task Force Meeting Materials - October 2015

Task Force Meeting/Webinar, Thursday, October 22nd from 9:00am - 11:15am.

Meeting Minutes

We have an engaging agenda and guest speakers planned:

• Agenda

• MCPAP for Moms Documents:
   A Primer for Pediatric Providers


1.  Dr. Maria Muzik, MD, MSc, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, University of Michigan and Dr. Lisa Hamer, Briarwood Center (an integrated MMH OB and Ped program) Integrated Mental Health Care in the Primary Care

2.  Dr. Nancy Byatt, DO, MS, MBA, FAPM, Medical Director, Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project for Moms MCPAP for Moms (Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project) Promoting Maternal Mental Health During and After

3. Raul Martinez, Widower and Father

Pre-Webinar Reading/Viewing Materials  (approx. 35 mins to review) 

1. Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program (MCPAP) for Moms Tool Kit for Depression and other Mental Health Concerns in Pregnant and Postpartum Women. (15 minutes)
This is the MCPAP for Moms toolkit, created to assist front-line perinatal care providers in the prevention, identification and treatment of depression and other mental health concerns in pregnant and postpartum women. This toolkit contains the following assessment tools: Assessment of Depression Severity and Treatment Options, Key Clinical Considerations When Assessing the Mental Health of Pregnant and Postpartum Women, Summary of Emotional Complications During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period.

2. Link to Briarwood Clinic Website (5 minutes)

3. Video:  KCET: “Postpartum Task Force Helping Mothers, Saving Lives”
Reporter/Producer: Vince Gonzales    
February 26, 2013 (10 minutes)
Video introducing Raul Martinez and highlighting the Maternal Mental Heath Now’s program Perinatal Mental Health Integrated Care Initiative.  
Raul Martinez is a widower of Kelly Abraham Martinez, who took her own life in 2010, three months after their daughter was born after developing a severe case of postpartum psychosis.
Maternal Mental Health Now’s (formerly LA County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force) program - Perinatal Mental Health Integrated Care Initiative addresses the disjointed nature of behavioral health and mental care systems that provide care to women and their offspring in the county by offering an integrated healthcare model.

4. Maternal Mental Health Now’s program - Perinatal Mental Health Integrated Care Initiative (5 minutes)
This is an informational brief on the Maternal Mental Health NOW - Perinatal Mental Health Integrated Care Initiative.  The brief outlines its work at USC-Eisner Family Medical Clinic (FQHC), Harbor Community Clinic (FQHC), LAC+USC New Family Care Clinic, Harbor-UCLA Pediatric Group, UCLA Westwood Pediatric Group. Our Task Force Member - Dr. Emily Dossett and TF Contributor Jo Bloomfield are a part of this program.