The Maternal Mental Health Walk™ to March for Moms® launched nationally in 2017 to raise funds and awareness for maternal mental health disorders, which include depression, multiple forms of anxiety and the more rare postpartum psychosis. 

To bring the message of maternal mental health to child bearing age women and families, March for Moms®Maternal Mental Health Walks™ were held throughout the country at March of Dimes (MOD) walk locations, with the support of the March of Dimes national office.

We joined to heal together, laugh together, and make a difference together.

The 2017 walks are over, please sign-up for our e-news to keep informed of the 2018 March for Moms registration.

History  In 2016, 2020 Mom, host of the National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health (NCMMH), formed a walking team in our home town, Los Angeles.  We did this to raise awareness at the MOD walk. We figured it was the perfect place to meet at-risk families and share information, all while getting some sunshine, exercise, and connecting with each other (things that keep our family healthy too!). With a local sister non-profit, Maternal Mental Health Now, we passed out blue dot balloons to families with young children.  The balloons included informational palm-sized cards tied to them which could be removed and saved.
Why March of Dimes Walk Sites?  Untreated depression and anxiety during pregnancy is a leading cause of preterm birth. In addition, women who delivery preterm and/or have a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are at higher risk for MMH disorders.

Awareness Materials  To raise awareness, teams have the opportunity to pass out stroller posters or balloons and palm-sized awareness cards and order MMH Walk t-shirts.  Awareness materials will center around the blue dot, the international symbol of MMH awareness. 

Who Should Attend?  This walk is for survivors, families, supporters, and health care providers.  Bring your kids and friends and join us to walk together, heal together, laugh together, and make a difference together.

Where Does the Money Go?
Teams formed by a local non-profit organization addressing MMH:
70% to Non-profit organization
25% to 2020 Mom*
5% to MOD

Teams not affiliated with a local MMH non-profit organization:
95% to 2020 Mom*
5% to MOD

*Funds to 2020 Mom: 30% will be given to the National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health (NCMMH) and the remainder will be dedicated to the 2020 Mom Ambassador Program

Team Leads  Want to become a Team Leader? Download the Team Lead Checklist to learn tips and tricks. Visit our materials page to download a flyer template, t-shirt art and stroller hanger. The Team Leader who raises the most money will have an all expenses paid trip to attend 2020 Mom's Annual Emerging Considerations in Maternal Mental Health Forum - February 9, 2018, Los Angeles, CA.

2017 TEAMS: March for Moms®


Anchorage, May 13: Carrie Harris


Tucson, April 30: Tucson Postpartum Depression Coalition Team


Inland Empire, May 6: Inland Empire Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative (Lisa Dryan)

Julupa Valley, May 6: Ashley Brock

Los Angeles, April 29: 2020 Mom (Kiley Hanish & Joy Burkhard)

Los Angeles, April 29: Maternal Mental Health Now (Ellie Handler)

Modesto, May 6: Lise Talbott

Newport Beach, April 30: Denise Vite

Oakland/East Bay, April 29: Rupa Zimmerman

Sacramento, April 29: Insights Counseling Group

Santa Rosa, April 22: Samantha Paull


Boulder, April 29: Paula Oransky

Denver, April 22: Lyndsy Chavarria


New Haven, May 7: Bridget Hutchens


Miami, April 29: Maureen Fura

Orlando, April 29: Shari-Ann James


Plainfield, May 7: Stacey Porter


Terre Haute, June 24: Shalynne Addison


Baltimore, May 7: Heather Hammond

Baltimore, May 7: Mental Health Association of Maryland


Plymouth, June 17: Tonia Zarrella


Grand Rapids/Caledonia, April 29: The Village Doula (Stacey Figg)

New Jersey

Glassboro, April 30: The Artemis Center for Guidance

New York

New York City, April 30: Sara Reed

New York City, April 30: Meredith Carlisle

North Carolina

CharlotteApril 29: Center for Family and Maternal Wellness


Norman, April 29: Balance Women's Health

Norman, April 29: Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice


Newtown, April 30: The Artemis Center for Guidance


Salt Lake City, May 6: Tara Workman

Have Questions?  E-mail for more information.

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