Identifying Treatment and Screening for All by 2020

2020 Mom is committed to increasing and improving maternal mental health awareness, diagnosis and treatment in California and beyond. Informed by research and expert stakeholders, 2020 Mom has come to understand the deep roots and complexities around why screening/diagnosis doesn't occur routinely as it does with other illnesses like heart disease for example.  Recognizing that there are numerous barriers to OBGYNs screening and diagnosing, and that pediatricians face the same barriers + one more: the mother isn't the pediatricians patient, 2020 Mom leaders began to realize that this deep-rooted problem required out-of-the-box ideas.  

Soon, the notion of the "Hospital is the Hub" was identified and there was recognition that more moms than ever will have insurance coverage by 2014. 2020 Mom then began to piece together opportunities for these traditional and non-traditional stakeholders: health insurance companies, hospitals and doctors.  For example, what if:

Health Insurance Companies

Health Insurance Companies identified the mental health therapists who had received additional training and met a minimum number of practice hours treating moms with maternal mental health disorders?  


Hospitals added information about maternal mental health disorders, signs and symptoms and helped prevent and reduce anxiety by discussing baby care and calming techniques in their birth classes?  


Providers like OBGYNs and Pediatricians posted flyers in exam rooms and set out palm cards that discuss signs and symptoms, the number of moms who suffer from these disorders and how to get help through Postpartum Support International's phone line?   

These are just a few examples of the recommendations individual stakeholders can adopt publicly on the Project's website.  Learn more about our recommendations for providers, hospitals, and health insurance organizations.