Adopter Agreement, 2013

Thank you for your interest in being apart of the 2020 Mom Project movement.  
By checking these boxes you agree to terms noted in the agreement below. You understand that the hospital's name, address, city, state and recommendation set (Mo./Year) and the date you agree to implement the recommendations, will be visible on the 2020MomProject website after you hit "submit." 

To make changes you must e-mail  Changes such as pushing out the implementation date, may be announced to followers via the adopter feed and announcements.

To have your organization recognized on our website as an Adopter and to get the other benefits outlined here, please read the following, and then fill out the form below.


In support of Adopters, the 2020 Mom Project ("the Project") agrees to do the following:

Provide content and artwork for promotional materials about the 2020 Mom Project, which the Adopter is free to use to advertise it is a 2020 Mom Project Adopter.

Provide a set of promotional guidelines on the 2020 Mom Website which will include suggestions and limitations for how the 2020 Mom Project logos can be used and how the program must be described.

Recognize the Hospital, Hospital System or Health Insurer as an Adopter on the website.


Adopting organization (“Adopter”) agrees to do the following:

Assign an administrator to oversee implementation of the recommendations, and to serve as main point of contact.

Implement the recommendations checked below (on website form) within time frame noted by the Adopter below.  To the extent the Adopter is not able to complete implementation within the time frame noted, inform the Project within 30 days of the initial implementation date with a new target implementation date by e-mailing

Adopters that have implemented each of the recommendations in the May 2013 recommendation set (Hospital or Health Insurer) may promote their Adopter status upon completed implementation via a press release and in promotional materials its “Adopter” status.

Adopters that have not yet implemented the agreed upon recommendations, may promote their intent via a press release its “Pending Adopter” status noting the month and year it intends to complete implementation.  A “Pending Adopter” shall not promote its intention/implementation status in promotional materials, until implementation is complete, which may be before the date initially noted on the 2020 Mom Project website adopter form.   

In developing promotional materials Adopters and Pending Adopters can use existing promotional designs developed by the Project free of charge.

Follow the promotion guidelines and graphics standards in the Promotion Guidelines document developed by the Project in describing the Recommendations and the 2020 Mom Project and in using the logo.

Collaborate with the Project and other Project representatives on public relations and other promotional efforts.  This entails granting permission to the Project to share your contact information with others as needed.

*Measure Rate of Screening for Perinatal Depression with a HEDIS-like Measure
Credential and Identify Maternal Mental Health (MMH) Specialists in your Directories
**Improve Customer and Provider Awareness and Offer Provider Resources
*Not applicable to networks or health services companies.
**Networks are expected to send educational materials to providers only.