Sponsorship Opportunities

Mom Congress

Mom Congress is a 3-day event bringing together Moms and those who support them from around the U.S. to talk about what matters most. #ItsTimeToSupportMoms

Diamond Sponsor

(Exclusive Presenting Sponsor)

  • Opening remarks Sunday and Monday

  • Logo on Name Tag

  • Diamond sponsor recognition on website, conference app and main session screen

  • Logo on Mom Swag Bag

  • Promotional Materials/Products in Mom Swag Bag

  • Sponsor of MOMents Massage (chair) Station at opening session

Gold Sponsor

(Exclusive in brand category, i.e. cosmetic line, baby care line, baby wear, pharma cause treatment, etc.)

  • Opening remarks Sunday and Monday

  • Gold sponsor recognition on website, registration app and main session screen

  • Promotional Materials/Products in Mom Swag Bag

  • Sponsor of gold state necklaces that each mother who registers by the cut off date receives at the opening session.

Opening Night Soiree Sponsor


  • Remarks and signage at Opening Soiree reception (a posh rooftop tented event with views of the capitol)

  • Opportunity to feature products at opening event as giveaways, etc.

  • Opening Night Soiree includes hosting a “MOMent” intentions candle making session by In My Solitude.


“Caucus” Sponsor


Pick the Cause (“Caucus”) you care about the most.

  • Sponsor the caucus meeting

  • Remarks and signage at lunch (which may be in different locations for each caucus)

  • Sponsor of the cause charms for necklaces

Sponsor a Mom from your State(s)

$775 per mom (including two nights double occupancy hotel, travel and registration)

As the sponsor, you can nominate the mother you wish to send, or outreach Mom Congress to let us select a mother with a financial need from our event interest list.

Media Sponsor

Provide event coverage in print, radio or blogs at least 2 times (once before and once after the event).

In-Kind Donation Partner

Donate in in-kind goods or Services donated to event for mom swag bags, “MOMent” stations, etc.

Mom Swag Bag Sponsor


Printed tag on bags noting name of sponsor

To become a sponsor email Cindy@2020mom.org.

Non-Profit Partner

Provide your network with an opportunity to send moms to Mom Congress, rather than hosting your own DC gathering, advocacy training, and hill day event. The schedule permits you to hold a meeting with your organization representatives on the second day of the event.

Contact Joy@2020mom.org to discuss partnership options.

The Forum

The Forum is our annual one day conference that features game changing speakers, aligned with the forum’s focus to bring “emerging considerations” and “best practices” to the field of Maternal Mental Health. Attendees include clinicians, researchers, policy makers, mother and their families, insurance companies, hospital administrators, public health, employers and others.


To become a sponsor email Cindy@2020mom.org.

The Learning Network

2020 Mom Learning Network

With programs like the Innovation Awards and the annual “Emerging Considerations in Maternal Mental Health” Forum, 2020 Mom has become the go-to entity for identifying best practices to close gaps in the field.

Often hospitals, advocates, public health departments and others call to consult with 2020 Mom.

We believe that all of those interested in these learnings and recommendations should have an easy means for accessing this information and have the opportunity to share their protocols and lessons learned with each other.

The Learning Network is designed to provide that opportunity by allowing individuals and organizations to subscribe to the network, and join an interest area, such as “hospitals,” “public health” and “state advocacy.” Interest areas will include a listserv for easy group communication, folders for file sharing and no less than 6 webinars/conference calls for each interest area annually featuring those leading the way with evidenced-based practices.

Primary Sponsor or Grantor


2020 Mom is seeking one funding partner to cover start-up costs including the cost of the platform provider and staffing for three years on a graduated funding scale (with $30,000 granted in year 1, $20,000 in year two and $10,000 in year 3). 2020 Mom will implement a subscription fee-based membership during this time to allow for the program to be sustainable over time with membership fees and interest area sponsorship.

Interest Area Sponsor


Further, in addition to a primary sponsor, 2020 Mom will provide organizations and individuals the opportunity to sponsor an interest area for 2 years with a $3500 sponsorship. This will be a named sponsorship, for example: “State Advocacy Network - powered by John Smith.”

To become a sponsor email Cindy@2020mom.org.

Maternal Mental Health ColorWalk

ColorWalks raise funds for 2020 Mom to support our mission to close gaps in maternal mental health care. Walks are formed around the country in the Spring of each year and allow mothers to bring together others in their community to form walking teams whose walkers each raise money. Walks kick off as teams splash themselves with color dust to raise awareness with their visual appearance and by distributing awareness materials. Walks take place at locations where families frequent such as festivals, malls etc.

Exclusive National Premier ColorWalk Sponsor


  • Organizational logo on the race bib

  • Logo and name on website and Walk platform page as the National Premier Sponsor

  • Mention in at least two ColorWalk social media posts and e-news blasts

  • Press release including name and logo of National Premier Sponsor

  • Employee engagement opportunity at local ColorWalk

Local "Community" ColorWalk Sponsor

Premier Sponsor: $5,000

Sponsor: $1,000

Local sponsors receive recognition for their contributions as ColorWalk Sponsors, with their family name or organizational logo on the race bib and website as a community sponsor.

To become a sponsor email Cindy@2020mom.org.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

Maternal Mental Health Awareness week will take place April 29th through May 3rd, 2019. This is the 6th year 2020 Mom has hosted the weeklong awareness social media campaign and the 2nd year the campaign is hosted under TheBlueDotProject.org.

The Blue Dot, is the universal symbol of maternal mental health awareness. TheBlueDotProject.org hosts the MMH Awareness Week social media campaign and offers a toolkit to help individuals and organizations participate, as well as offering other ways partners can promote Maternal Mental Health Awareness week and month.

The social media campaign had a reach of almost 10 million people last year and has grown each year. This campaign allows us to reach patients, families, and the general public with stigma-fighting messages.

National Premier Sponsorship


  • Name/Logo as Signature Sponsor on website

  • Acknowledgment in Press Release

  • Minimum of 5 social media shout-outs leading up to, during and after the campaign

  • Acknowledgment as Premier Sponsor in two social media posts during the 5-day campaign

  • Social Media engagement link-back strategy to sponsor content (up to three articles/pages)

General Sponsorship


  • Name/Logo as a sponsor on website

  • Minimum of 2 social media shout-outs leading up to and after the campaign

  • Acknowledgment as a sponsor in two social media posts during the 5-day campaign