Community ACTION for Maternal Mental Health

Community Leaders are Ready to Lead Change

In order to mobilize local communities for improved maternal mental health, 2020 Mom has launched the Community ACTION For Moms Mental Health Project (the "ACTION" project).

2020 Mom has selected several local leaders from communities in Colorado and California to help launch the ACTION project because they know local leaders understand the unique needs in their regions and are best suited to discover and address local gaps in care, and build partnerships to improve maternal mental health.

Provides Support

2020 Mom has created a comprehensive system, called the ACTION Project to support these efforts including: planning guide ("toolkit'"), providing technical assistance with the support of coalition and MMH experts, and will link communities doing this work together to share stories, struggles and seek advice, through a Community Action Listserve.  


2020 Mom has selected several community groups to participate in pilot testing and invited others to become 'early adopters' of the Community ACTION Tools started in July 2016.

The following organizations will be in the first Cohort:

Pilot Sites:
• Denver Maternal and Infant Mental Health Advisory Board (CO)
• Perinatal Learning Collaborative (CO)
• Rural Resort Region Northeast Early Childhood Council (CO)

Early Adopters:
• Alachua County Perinatal Mental Health Coalition (FL)
• Perinatal Advisory Council: Leadership, Advocacy and Consultation (PAC/LAC) (CA)

Learn More

Review the Community ACTION Project Flyer & Project Information Packet

Registration for the pilot program is now closed.

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2020 Mom has received grant funding from The Ben and Lucy Ana Walton Fund of the Walton Family Foundation and Colorado ECPG to support project activities from 2016-2018. 2020 Mom appreciates the generous support of these funders who have recognized the maternal mental health crisis and dedicated resources toward improving screening and treatment for suffering families. Together, we can enhance systems and policies to impact care for all.