2020 Mom Ambassadors

Congratulations to the Spring class of 2019 Ambassadors who have earned their badges!

Beth Ahlin
Itzel Ballew
Bekah Bischoff
Kat Blandino
Maria Carola
Heather Dopp
Kristina Dulaney
Rachel Ebert
Jimena Escurra
Courtney Haller
Jennifer Hampton
Corie Hess
Claire Hoon
Robin Hooper
Gracie Hudson
Bonnie Jahns

Mariaelena Knight
Jamie Kreiter
Jaclyn Ley
Blakeley Lowry
Mel Lubey
Kim Manfredi
Diana Masulli
Gracinda Mayela
Crystal McAuley
Meredith McCurry-Webb
Christine McNabb
Nicole Obenshine
Ed Pagett
Millie Pagett
Megan Phillips
Stacey Porter

Faith Ramierez
Jordan Ray
Nikki Reeves
Kwaniya Reyes
Susan Reinhardt
Kaitlyn Schmitt
Meisha Shockley
Hannah Singer
Randiesa Spires
Alexandria Stagg
Stephanie Trendowski
Caitlyn Undreiner
Beverly Warner
Linda Zaffram

Meet our 2018 Ambassadors of the Year

2020 Mom Ambassador

Congratulations to our husband and wife team, Ed and Millie Pagett, our 2018 Ambassadors of the year.

Ed and Millie were selected by the 2020 Mom board of directors for this honor, because of their tireless work supporting 2020 Mom in our effort to close the gaps in maternal mental health care. They do this work in honor of their daughter Charlene and grandson Shane who lost their lives in 2016 to an undiagnosed and untreated maternal mental health disorder. Read more about one of Millie's and Ed's numerous trips to DC and the CA state capitol to advocate for change, here.

Learn about the other 2018 finalists here.

View names of Ambassadors in past classes here.