2019 CA Legislation

We are a sponsor of the following MMH Bills:

AB 845: CA Medical Board: Optional Obstetric Provider Mental Health Training – View fact sheet
AB 1676: Telepsychiatry Consultation for Obstetricians, PCPs and Pediatricians – View fact sheet

We support the following MMH Bill:

AB 577: Extends MediCal coverage to 12 Months for Moms Diagnosed with an MMH Disorder

We support the following Mental Health Bills:

SB-10: Mental health services: peer support specialist certification.
SB-66: FQHCs- Payment for Mental Health Services when Medical Services are Provided Same Day (currently prohibited)
AB 512: County Mental Health Services Cultural Competency

We support the following Maternal Health Bill:

SB 464: California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act

We support the following initiatives to increase workforce and workforce capacity in California:

2019 MH Workforce Expansion Bills:
AB 890: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Full Practice Authority
AB 565: Psychiatric Workforce Loan Forgiveness in Public Mental Health
SB 10 Peer Certification

2019 Workforce Expansion Budget Efforts:
Reauthorize/Reappropriate funding for MHSA’s Workforce Education and Training
Earmarking funds for expanding residency training programs for psychiatrists and additional training programs for mental health nurse practitioners.

Extend state’s $1 million investment (from 2018-2019) to provide scholarships to PCPs to participate in the UC Davis/Irvine PCP psychiatric fellowship program, including expanding those programs to address mental health needs of mothers and children.

Interactive Maps Illustrating Psychiatric ShortagesView

CA Health Workforce Development Commission Report
Meeting the Demand for Health, Final Report of the California Future Health Workforce Commission
California’s Current and Future Behavioral Health Workforce

Parenting Initiatives We Support

Governor's Budget Initiative to Provide 6 Months Paid Parental Leave
Compensates parents up to 70% of their wages to care for a newborn or new adopted baby for up to 3 months.

SB-135: Paid Family Leave