January 2013 Annual Forum

The Collaborative and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology held the first forum of 2013, which included Dr. Laura Miller and an expert panel on Emerging Considerations in Maternal Mental Health, and a networking and awards luncheon to celebrate organizations who have developed model programs or are breaking down barriers.

Nearly 200 people attended the day-long event. 

Hosted by:
The California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative
The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
LA County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force

DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT PRESENTATION: Maternal Mental Health Rotating Slides
DOWNLOAD WORD DOCUMENT: Maternal Mental Health Backgrounder
DOWNLOAD PDF: CMMHC-Considerations and Policy Opportunities

Keynote Address: The Latest Research
Laura Miller, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston


1. Undiscovered Power of the Hospital
Model Treatment Programs, Curriculum in Birth Classes, L&D Protected Sleep, Staff Training including: Lactation Consultants, Attending Physicians, OBGYNs with admitting rights, Social Workers, etc.; Support Groups for New Moms, Support Groups for Moms with PPD
Birdie Gunyon Meyer, RN, MA Indiana University Hospitals
Leslie Lowell Stoutenburg, RNC, MS Alexian Brothers Hospitals, IL

DOWNLOAD PDF: UI Health Women’s Services
DOWNLOAD PDF: Alexian Brothers Hospital System
DOWNLOAD PDF: El Camino Hospital

2. Use of Technology to Improve Awareness and Treatment: On-line Chats and Text Support and more
Adrian Aguilera, Ph.D. Assistant Professor at UC Berkley-Text Support
Mike Amiet, JD MomsPrevail -Community Forum with Ability to Flag and Route to Services, Text Messaging, etc.
Dan Dunlop, DC MDLive –Telemedicine/E-Services
Anna Hoff, Text4baby

DOWNLOAD PDF: text4baby
DOWNLOAD PDF: MomsPrevail-Dr Amiet
DOWNLOAD PDF: MD Live Presentation

PANEL 2 – Moderated by Bindu Garapaty, Psy.D.

3. Promoting Community Awareness
a. Awareness through Blogs & Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more)
b. Use of terms like “Well-Being” to lead into General Awareness Campaigns
c. Collective Public Awareness Campaign
Marvin Southard, MSW Director, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

Katherine Stone, Postpartum Progress


4. Insurance and Health Plan Considerations, Game-Changing Ideas
Current programs, Cross-plan Opportunities: Health, Behavioral & Disability. Measurement of screening rates, Credentialing Providers Possible Role in Diagnosis, Case Management, and more.
Kathryn Santoro, MA, The National Institute for Health Care Management
Doug Nemecek, MD Sr. Medical Director, Cigna Behavioral Health

DOWNLOAD WORD DOCUMENT: Maternal Mental Health Screening Measure Overview
DOWNLOAD PDF: NIHCM Maternal Depression Issue Brief 
DOWNLOAD WORD DOCUMENT: Maternal Mental Health Credential Overview

Networking Luncheon
Remarks by Harvey Karp, MD author of the Happiest Baby on the Block