Congratulations to the first class of Ambassadors who have earned their badges!

Maria Carola – Ambassador of the Year

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Become a 2020 Mom Ambassador, Pledge to do Two.

Once you do two of the following in your community we'll send you an Ambassador badge for your website and/or social media profiles.

MMH Passion Project


Do it your way! Make it personal.

Have a way to make a difference in MMH in your community?
Contact to talk about your idea and how it may work with our Ambassador program.

Host a Gathering

Host a Screening of a maternal mental health documentary.
Invite at least 3 friends, family members, co-workers or neighbors over to watch a documentary and have a conversation about maternal mental health.

When the Bough Breaks: A Documentary about Postpartum Depression (Available on NetFlix & iTunes)

The Dark Side of the Full Moon
Lead a discussion with a maternal mental health expert and share 2020 Mom's pathway to change.  
- Though there are several documentaries on maternal mental health disorders, the only documentary currently available to the U.S. public via purchase or "Tugg" screening is The Dark Side of the Full Moon. Learn more about showing the film here:

Some suggested starter questions: 

  • What did you feel? 
  • What did you learn?
  • What surprised you the most? 
  • What resonated with you most? 
  • Could this have been someone you know and do you think you would you have been able to tell if they were suffering? Why or why not?

Host a Webcast

Host a webcast of 2020 Mom's annual forum with at least one local agency/non-profit.


    Walk to Support 2020 Mom

    Form a maternal mental health walking team for the March of Dimes, to raise money for 2020 Mom a partner of the March of Dimes. LEARN MORE


      Host a Fundraiser of Your Choice

      Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

      • Consider a documentary viewing at your home, with cocktails for our cause.
      • Partner with a local restaurant to host brews and a local reproductive psychiatrist and legislator to speak about women's health.



      Clean Eating Discussion at Panera Bread 

      100% of Panera's food is 100% clean. That means no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors and no colors from artificial sources. Arrange a fundraiser night, and a speaker to teach why eating clean can benefit you and your family, at Panera Bread. They will donate 20% of the sales.

      Many local restaurants and some chains do something like this, check your favorite local restaurant to see if they have a similar program. Coordinate with as needed.

      Out in the Community

      Hang Posters

      Grab some girlfriends and spend 2-3 hours hanging posters like this one and/or distributing awareness materials in your community. Check out the available materials HERE.

        Hold a Diaper Drive

        Organize a diaper drive to raise awareness about the link between a diaper need and postpartum depression. You choose the non-profit in your community to donate to. LEARN MORE HERE.

        Local Initiatives & Partnerships

        Have a Legislative Meeting

        Meet with your state or federal elected official to tell your story and share whether your community is doing enough to address maternal mental health.

        Don't worry, we connect you with other Ambassadors and provide support.

        Ambassador webinar: Advocacy

          Engage your Hospital to Inspire Change

          • Engage your hospital staff to inspire change.  Start by asking for a short meeting with the Labor and Delivery manager to inform her of free training and resources available to her and her staff.   

          • See attached hospital engagement overview for more information.

          Form a Community Coalition

          Join with at least one local agency to address maternal mental health (using the 2020 Mom Community ACTION Toolkit).

          City, County or State MMH Month Proclamations

          1. Find your local or state elected officials:

          • For a village/city proclamation, determine who is your Selectman, Alderman, County Commissioner or City Councilor. This can be done by visiting your city or town’s website or contacting the city or town clerk's office and telling them where you live and asking who represents you. Ask the clerk for the best way to contact your elected official. Some elected official's websites will have a link specifically to request proclamations.
          • For a state proclamation, visit your state’s website or contact the governor's office and ask who should be contacted to request a state proclamation. 

          2. Download the template and edit all the RED text areas in both the cover letter AND the 2nd page with proclamation wording with the information appropriate for your local official & area. 

          •  You can find the number of births in past years from your state, city or county vital records. Check your local/state department of public health and look for birth statistics, and use the latest stats you can find.
          • Make sure that you change all the text back to black after you have edited it.

          3. Send the proclamation request to your elected official(s) via email or US Postal Mail.

          4. If there is an opportunity for you to go to your local public official's meeting to obtain the proclamation and you are comfortable doing so, please do and make sure someone can get a photo of you with your local community leader who confirmed the proclamation, you may be offered a chance to speak briefly at that meeting. Please let us know if this is the case and we are happy guide you through this. 

          Thank your elected official(s) & community for their part in advocating for Maternal Mental Health! 

          5.  Take a picture of the official proclamation and email it to along with the name of your elected official(s) who helped get it named so we can acknowledge.

          Once you take the pledge you will be added to the private Ambassador Facebook page, and be invited to attend optional Ambassador check in calls and webinars.

          Thank you for helping to move mountains one important activity at a time.